Osa A.

Цена за час: 300 грн
Опыт работы: 7 лет
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Medical professional

Комментарии к обучению:
I make use of Oxford and The International Cambridge English text book. For children, I teach with pictures (for photographic memory), music videos (for example, to memorize the parts of the human body). For teenagers and adults, a particular topic is taught and at the end of the lesson, we have a conversation which involves practicing what they have learnt and I make corrections if need be.

Место занятий:
На территории ученика, на территории преподавателя.

Районы: Соломенский

Возраст учеников: 5-11 классы, студенты, взрослые

Дополнительная информация: Effectiveness is my motto and drive in life. My methods of teaching have helped several students from different countries and continents in achieving their dreams of becoming fluent users of English language. I always give my ALL in what I do and I am very optimistic about this opportunity to impact knowledge on the students.